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There once was a marketer from Mass Who’s bald head was as shiny as glass. He spoke of Big Data, Saying “It’s still in Beta”. Eventually they fired […]

There Once was a Marketer from Mass

As a marketer for several decades, I was deeply disappointed by the ads these last few Super Bowls. This is a time to dust off the talent and […]

Mediocrity Wins Big

So how’d you do? The holiday season is when everyone gets to experience what it’s like to be a marketer. You’ve got a list of tasks to complete, […]

Gift Giving is Marketing

  Truth in Advertising Some of you may have heard about a little issue Nutella faced recently when a government agency politely told them that they have to […]

Truth in Advertising

North Korea’s top leader named The Onion’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012 It happened again. Content marketing rules. We thought, innocently, perhaps naively, that once the US Presidential […]

China’s Communist Party falls for Party Prank

Are you getting lost in your data? You’ve got your strategy, you’ve used it to identify your KPIs, and you’ve set up your tactics and have launched your […]

Lost in Data

If All the Audiences Were Simple If all the audiences were simple, And responded to words that were frank. And If all the clients bought all our stuff, […]

If All the Audiences Were Simple

That’s the mantra we heard beginning the day after the election about the outcome of the election. So much of the “blame” for why one party won and […]

Digital Advertising Didn’t Work

It seems pointless to blog about marketing or business after the week we’ve gone through. The area I live in, although inland, was on track to take a […]

Finding Power in the Dark

Of course you know the P’s of marketing (ordered for the 4P’s, 5P’s and 7P’s): Product Price Place Promotion People Packaging Positioning

The P’s of Marketing

The time is coming to an end, the election is almost here. And we all know what that means. Yep, marketers, advertisers and creative folks will be on […]

Is it Real or is it Rote?

There’s no question that content marketing is the hot trend these days, with marketers and news companies talking about how we have to start focusing more on story […]

5 Reasons You Avoid Content Marketing

Of course you follow your competition, watching how they grow, they’re marketing efforts, their product offerings. But do you track what others say about them? What is the […]

When Gossip and Chatter are Helpful

Those youngun’s out there think they have the corner on video marketing. “Back in the day” we were doing some pretty cool things with video. The programs I […]

Digital Video in the 1990s

We talk a lot about marketing strategy, but what is it really? Put simply, marketing strategy is how you interact with your audience and your industry to further […]

Strategy is Not a Tactic

You know the saying, perception is reality. If you’ve ever railed against it, you have likely physically harmed your steering wheel by beating it so hard (and then […]

Did You Beat Your Car Today?

Sales is not a marketing strategy. Anyone can get sales, but what happens if your marketing only sells your low margin products? You will loose money and those […]

How to Reach a Positive Marketing ROI

I find myself regularly enraged at the news, statements and stories that come out during this political season. You can’t help it, the two sides are so disparate […]

Channeling Lewis Black

The Power of Words – YouTube. This is an incredible short video that really shows the power of a message, and confirms the power of words.

The Power of Words – YouTube

“Well, I’ve never experienced that.” It is a powerful and dangerous little sentence, and one that is used rather frequently. Most often it is used as a dismissive, […]

How to Alientate Your Customers