Lost in Data

Are you getting lost in your marketing data?Are you getting lost in your data?

You’ve got your strategy, you’ve used it to identify your KPIs, and you’ve set up your tactics and have launched your campaigns. Now it’s set to routine, where you review your KPIs and develop your insights and reviews, and make your optimizations based on the outcomes.

But are you successful? If you’re only looking at your KPIs, you probably don’t know the REAL answer to that question.

Step back and look at what your are doing and where it’s getting you. Your CPCs and CTRs might be improved, but what does that mean to the overall bottom line? Are you making the sales? Are you reaching your overarching goals?

Always go back to the original objectives of the initiative. Don’t get buried in the weeds of the data so deeply that you can’t see past the week to week improvements of optimizations. Step back and figure out what it is costing you to reach your desired outcomes.

You may just discover that what you thought was your best performing channel is your biggest loss leader.