Why Are You Marketing?

Which Way to SuccessYou’ve got emails, Search Engine Marketing, SEO programs in place. You blog, manage your social media, and develop press releases and white papers on a regular basis. You send out mailers to prospects and leads regularly, and then you wait.


Why do you market?

Of course we all know the answer, you market to get new business, to get new leads, to get new customers. But that’s not the answer.

You need an answer for each of your tactics.

Why do you send emails? Why do you sent promotional emails, triggered emails, informational emails?

Why do you have xx number of SEM campaigns, and what are each supposed to accomplish?

Sure, the over arching answer is to get more business, but if you don’t have a specific reason for each of your tactics you are essentially throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks.

Having a strategy for each of your initiatives, for each of your tactics, for each of your campaigns will allow you to focus and to better reach for, plan for, and attain the results you are looking for.

It’s no different than saying your goal is to be successful. The trick is defining the steps to success, and figuring out how you’ll know which steps help get you further along towards your end goal.

How do you win a the Super Bowl? One game at a time. How do you win a game? Get the most touchdowns. How do you get the most touchdowns? 10 yards at a time … plus defense.

Huddle up, kids.