The Title Said 20 Things to do ….

Don't Market by the Numbers

I admit it, I read it.

I know, I know …. it annoys me, and you are free to mock me for it. I read the article that promised 20 tips on something that I needed to find a solution to for an issue I was currently dealing with.

As human beings we respond to that, and I’m not just saying that as a rationalization, although it does certainly serve as one. We want short cuts, we want answers, and some days we want other people just to give us the answer so we can move along to the next issues.

But having someone else tell us the answer to our own unique take on our own unique situation does not work. It might work ok, or enough, but is enough what you are seeking?

Shortcuts can be very useful and helpful, as long as we know that they should only be applied to very specific situations, and not our longer term goals and objectives.

7 Habits of Highly Effective people was never meant as a check list to do only those things, with the promise of effective results if you follow them. Similarly 20 things to do when you are stressed out is not a solution to a reactive personality facing acute stress and trying to learn coping skills to avoid the cardiac care unit.

Short cuts work for the less important things in life and business. There are most definitely times when “done is good”. Recognizing which those are is the true key to success and balance. It’s probably one of the 7 habits, too.