Pet & Animal Health Marketing

Marketing and Pets are my passions. My goal is to use my expertise to improve the lives of animals, animal lovers, and those who support them. Your audience faces so much noise every day, the challenge is to break through the clutter, get their attention, then tell your story. The images below are just a hint the magic that we can create together.

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Branding Pet Products

Branding Pet Products

Strategic Branding and Positioning

Helping companies find their true audiences, increasing sales, decreasing costs, and expanding core and ancillary audiences.

Increasing the Quality of Leads

By identifying targeted audiences, nurturing the leads, and creating relevent, appropriate content and engagement, I increased the average order value by over 40% while still decreasing the cost per lead.

Delivering Results

Results matter, that’s why you look to marketing experts to help improve your business. My approach to marketing is to always be strategic, and view each challenge with critical thinking by reviewing the needs and outcomes from all angles, and never taking outcomes at face value. I look to the why, whether it be for an approach that didn’t perform as expected, or more importantly and often overlooked, why one did. Each opportunity contains within itself the ability to perform better, more efficiently, and more effectively.


Strategic Marketing is a collaborative effort, bringing together the business and product experts to work with marketing to define the expectations and deliver the messages and calls to action to support the needs of the audience, and turn them into customers. You know your business, you know your products. Marketing serves as the voice of the customer and advocate for the buyer.

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I do market by the numbers, but your numbers, your data, your analytics.  I help you create your own course to successful marketing.