Are You Managing Your Seasonal Business Effectively?

Is your business seasonal?

(Narrator: ALL businesses are seasonal)

Every business out there has a degree of seasonality, where peaks and slumps seem to dictate our success. We plan for them with adjusted targets and goals, but is that really planning? Or is it just accepting the reality of the cadence?

Here’s another idea, to add to what you’re already doing.

  • Identify your slumps.
  • Identify WHO actually is your customer then, who is buying at that time.
  • Determine how long does it take those buyers to close the deal.
  • Chart how long it takes to convert those buyers.
  • Get more of those customers into your funnel early!

The time to target these buyers is not in the slow times when they buy,
it’s when they start their buying process.

Begin targeting more like buyers in the lead up time, that aligns with their buyer journey, so that when the slump time comes, you’ve already got the customers in place.

And then expand that year round, because slow times aren’t just seasons.

(Another hint, for seasonal businesses that SLOW, not stop, you can try adjusting your sales commissions to be highest during those times, rather than lowest.)