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It’s here, it’s here, The 2015 Internet Trends Report is here! You’d think it was a major holiday, as marketers nearly lose their sh&! writing about it. If […]

Poor Widdle Miwennials

Marketing is really just Business Dating Dating is like marketing. We have to take a clear approach to the strategy, and align tactics to gain the results that […]

Marketing: The Third Date Weeder Movies

Adobe and EConsultancy Releases the 2015 Digital Trends Report Adobe just published the 2015 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015, a study based on survey results with Econsultancy. The […]

And the Results are In

I broke a Key Marketing Rule My bad, I messed up. One of the key points in marketing is to continue to communicate with your audience on a […]

Do what I say, Not what I Do