Next Steps …

This has been a fleetingly pensive week.

Do you realize how difficult it is to actually stop for a moment and think?

  • We drive and we talk to ourselves or have the radio on.
  • We have the TV and computers on at home.
  • We are working on something, some content, some post, always.
  • Twitter is just plain driving me crazy as it’s never ever ever ending.

It’s complete overload. It’s also manageable, to some degree. Until you find yourself telling your dog to wait for a hug while you check your text message.

Oh, you’re ready for a hug now?

So I’ve been trying to schedule time to think, to take it all in. In the last week I have talked to some amazing people, who have brought up new and old points that I had not listened to before. I need to give them the space to formulate and crystallize the lessons and learnings, that I am missing because I haven’t fully given them attention.

And I’m going to hug my dogs.