Using Historical Data to Predict Outcomes

Is your data analyis reliable

We all do it. It is what Data Analysis is all about. Big companies thrive on it, and small comes strive to make strides in better targeting customers by understanding behavior.

And then you find yourself driving home in December in the north east with the windows down because it’s 65 degrees out and you get that unmistakable smell of dirt, usually reserved for the spring thaw.

That’s when you are reminded that data only serves to predict, it doesn’t determine outcomes.

I’ve written about this before, but as you hunker down to do last minute tweaks to your 2013 planning and review years of historical data, outcomes and review media kits for your upcoming initiatives, it’s important to remember that.

Don’t pin your hopes and dreams on expected outcomes. Make sure the data you’re looking at is real, relevant, and the chosen KPIs truly match the end outcomes you are striving towards.

Otherwise you might just find yourself expecting the world to end on 12/21/12, or celebrating the holiday with a fast food turkey dinner.