Content Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret – Forbes

Are you prepared to create about 1,000 pieces of original content, each individually serving as an ambassador of your product/service/brand?

This is a great article about the requirements of content marketing, a foundation of marketing automation. The key take away is … it works, but you have to commit to it. Is your company committed to content marketing? Have you budgeted resources, time, money for it?

Content marketing, as with other approaches, is detrimental without a plan. Just as you can destroy a brand without a social media strategy (and by strategy I don’t mean a series of interconnected platforms posting “retweets” of the trends of the day from other users simultaneously), a lack of dedication to a content marketing initiative is immediately noticeable by your users and can work against you.

Content Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret – Forbes.

Marketing isn’t child’s play, and if you treat it as such, your customers will notice.