Oh, We Don’t NEED to Advertise

Brand Awareness, Brand Identity

I had a client tell me that they don’t advertise, they don’t NEED to.

Over 20 years of experience allowed me to smile on the inside, and not be condescending or react to their naive statement.

The discussion continued as they explained the closest they get to advertising is to publish articles and event notifications, but overall, their ‘clientele’ is not moved by ‘advertising’, and quite frankly, the business is not in need of new customers.

I was wondering why, then, our agency had been invited in.

If your business is booming, your client dedicated, your loyal brand ambassadors are your word of mouth, these are all great things. They are all important. These pinnacles are what every company strives for. But you also need to ensure they last.

Brand awareness, product launches, new technologies and services … you need to communicate with your audience, regularly. Loyalty is fine, until a new form of sliced bread comes along to tempt your customers away from you.

Big brands older than  you continue to advertise and promote brand awareness: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Kleenex, etc. Elite luxury brands advertise and promote brand awareness and recognition: Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Rolex.

But if you don’t need new customers now, if your offices are full, your employees busy, your sales goals met, and your inventory moving quickly, it’s good you didn’t advertise last year.

What about next year?