blue ocean strategy

Recently I have been focusing more and more on working with very small companies. Most of my clients are either taken their maiden steps into the world of […]

The Reluctant Marketer

I was recently at a marketing event and was asked by a newly minted graduate what I felt was the most important part of marketing. Without hesitation I […]

Marketing is Not an Add-On Function

When Smarts Became Overhead If you watched Mad Men you probably were intrigued and drawn by the culture in business, how they interacted, how they got things done. […]

I was Overhead

Mary Had a Widget to Sell Mary had a widget to sell Who’s features were beyond compare And everywhere the widget sold The customers were happy to share. […]

Mary Had a Widget to Sell

We talk a lot about marketing strategy, but what is it really? Put simply, marketing strategy is how you interact with your audience and your industry to further […]

Strategy is Not a Tactic