You Had Me at “Marketing Trends”

The headline called out to me:

The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

As I eagerly consumed the short summary of the article to find out what the almighty Forbes has deemed important for the coming year, I hesitated with anticipation and excitement, holding on to the moment as if climbing click by click to the top of the roller coaster, building the suspense to the soaring thrill I was about to find, I then clicked.

I scanned quickly, as consumers do, searching through the perfectly coded header tags with the titled numbers to find what I was looking for.

Where was it? Had I missed it?

I scanned again, only to be disappointed that they tricked me, they were going to make me work for my fulfillment.

Damn you Forbes, you know what I want…

…yet you hold out on me, mocking me. We both know I need it. You, after all, were the ones who got me hooked in the first place.

Years ago you showed me a glimpse, told me it would be fine, it would be right, and it would be the next big thing.

You sold me on it. You got me all hyped up about it, you PROMISED, and then it failed. It never delivered.

Next year, you said, wait for it. It’s coming …. so here we are, several years later, on the precipice of 2014, and your list is out. Where is it?

Will it be on page 2? Will it?

My hand started trembling as I hovered over the link to page 2, you evil genius, pushing me further into the depths of desire and cravings.

You made me this way Forbes!

But as if to ease my jonesing, you kept it right there, calming me in an instant with your #5

… yes, 2014 and mobile. Ahhhhhh, relief.

2014 would be the year of mobile. This time for real … with content.

read the full blog post from Forbes here