Case Studies

Branding and identity
A Brand’s Organic Growth An established brand had a strong position in a targeted area in the primary education world, having developed solutions first, then the company, and […]

Case Study: Brand Identity – Education

 Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered Is My Direct Mail Effective? The Assignment: While working for a marketing agency, a local specialized retail client came to us to help […]

Case Study: Direct Mail – Brick & Mortar Retail

Do catalogs still work - equestrian supplies
 Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered Do Catalogs still Work? The Assignment: PetsUnited was an 11-division ecommerce company that also sent out 4 catalogs a year. There were two […]

Case Study: Championing Catalogs – CPG

Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered Marketing Operations: Head of the Class A large education curriculum company had recently reworked their marketing operations and organization, and staffed the department […]

Case Study: ABM & Marketing Operations – Education

Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered The Printer Choice of Millennials The Assignment: Develop and implement a three-month digital media pilot in specific DMAs to reach the set lead targets […]

Case Study: Digital Media – Technology

Find your Audience
 Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered Who’s Your Banker? The Assignment: New business pitch for one of the largest agencies in the country. My involvement was in developing the […]

Case Study: Customer Journey – Financial