“…people get obsessed about tactical detail before they embrace a strategy…and as a result, when a tactic fails, they begin to question the strategy that they never really embraced in the first place.”

~Seth Godin, from When tactics drown out strategy

At Charter Marketing I provide custom solutions to your specific needs, business and objectives. I don’t shoehorn you into templated solutions. I don’t take shortcuts. All my work is based on you, to meet your needs and your objectives.

I help Chart Your Course for success!


It all begins with the strategy. As the old saying goes, measure twice, cut once.

Every plan includes recommendations for tactics, segmentation, messaging and creative to reach your audience and your goals. Some of these steps include:


  • Content Strategy
  • Audience identification
  • Persona development
  • Brand identify
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Historical performance review
  • Marketing plans
  • Accessibility Review
  • Implementation, content calendars
  • Messaging and creative recommendations
  • Tool and solution recommendations
  • Lead generation methods – defining custom journeys, qualifying


Accessibility is at the heart of human centered design and tactics 

  • Content Strategy
    • Audits
    • Planning & Governance
    • Priority Guides
    • Taxonomy & Tagging
    • Messaging
    • Brand Guidelines
  • Paid search
  • SEO
  • Email 
  • CRM (Salesforce, Sugar, Infor) 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Social media 
  • Media planning 
  • Content Creating (Writing)


I don’t just come up with the ideas for the direction, I develop a plan within the strategy.

The tactical strategy includes recommendations for the logistics of implementing your future.

Content Development

I can work with you to implement the actual tactics, to put you in contact with the experts, or to work with your own team, identifying KPIs and applicable metrics, developing QA and testing plans, and providing results reporting and analysis.



  • Workflows and trigger implementation
  • Reporting, dashboarding


  • HTML, CMS, CSS editing
  • Search implementation, targeting, optimizations
  • Email creation, multiple platforms, targeting, list management
  • Asset management, tagging
  • Testing Plans/QA
  • Content development
  • Writing (long and short form)
  • Graphic design
  • Ad copy (digital and print)
  • Video planning, producing, editing
  • Site content development
  • Reporting, analytics

Part of the strategy engagement is to work through the tactical implementation of the strategy, to continue to monitor and track it, and make recommendations for revisions based on the success. Continuously evaluating and optimizing the tactics is critical.