Tell me and I forget; show me and I remember;
involve me and I understand.

That quote is typically used in the teaching fields, but the statement works for marketing and business as well. I involve customers and audiences through marketing, to build your business and your brand. This is the core of who I am and what I do.

Today you can search online or have your social media platform of choice deliver articles, snippets and stats to your fingertips to allow you to market better. What I have found, however, is a good deal of that information is either wrong or incomplete.

Without guidance and support, new marketers and overwhelmed businesses are getting shorted, and end up following suggestions that are too generic or inappropriate for their brands.

I want to help stop that.

Charter Marketing is me. My name is Laurissa Doonan and I have decades of experience, the successes to back up my abilities and expertise. I am agency trained, but without the agency pricing and overhead! Every plan, every strategy, every campaign developed begins with listening.

When you go to an agency and you are looking for plans, strategies, ideas and help, I am the person they turn to. I am the one who for years has developed the design documents, the tactical strategies, the marketing plans, and the long term recommendations. I create content strategies, short term strategies, video scripts, creative briefs, and guide and develop the content for all digital marketing initiatives (even non-digital!).

I’m the one you paid for. That and the overhead. Now you don’t have to pay the agency fees.

When I start working for you and your brand, I begin by listening.

I  listen to

  • what you need.
  • what you want.
  • who you are.
  • who your customers are.
  • your audiences.
  • where you want to go.

I do market by the numbers, but your numbers, your data, your analytics.
I help you create your own course to successful marketing.

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