More Nursery Rhymes for Marketers

As marketers, we have a sense of humor, and we need to be reminded of some of the basics. Instead of the fear of victorian cautionary tales, nursery rhymes remind of simple, happy, easy times when we were learning. Rely on the basics, and the rest will come.

Now Available for Purchase   Nursery Rhymes for Marketers using stories to teach Nursery rhymes remind us of a time in our lives when stories taught us basic […]

Nursery Rhymes for Marketers

Hark! Hark! The marketer barked, The catalog drops in a week. The copy’s in shambles The cover’s a gamble But without it we’ll be up a creek. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]

Deadlines and Inspiration

Facebook is making more changes again. When the feeds change, you’ll be posting in vain. When your updates don’t show, you’ll be sh!t-out-of-luck And you’ll have to decide […]

Rock-a-Bye Facebook

I once had a boss who barely had a clue He lacked so much knowledge, we didn’t know what to do We hammered and stammered, and then staged […]

Modern Day Fool

Mary had a Marketing plan To help her business recovery. But her agencies charged for basic audits Calling them insights and discovery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nursery Rhymes remind us of […]

Mary Had a Marketing Plan

We regularly send marketing emails Quite frequently touting great sales. We design for quick scanning And skip keyword spamming And when done right response rarely fails. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nursery […]

The Glory of Email

There once was a marketer from Mass Who’s bald head was as shiny as glass. He spoke of Big Data, Saying “It’s still in Beta”. Eventually they fired […]

There Once was a Marketer from Mass

Little Bo Retailer Little Bo Retailer was not getting clients And realized she had no retention. She called in the experts and set out her goals And offered […]

Little Bo Retailer

If All the Audiences Were Simple If all the audiences were simple, And responded to words that were frank. And If all the clients bought all our stuff, […]

If All the Audiences Were Simple

Mary Had a Widget to Sell Mary had a widget to sell Who’s features were beyond compare And everywhere the widget sold The customers were happy to share. […]

Mary Had a Widget to Sell

Little Jack Designer Little Jack designer Sat in a recliner, Pondering his latest creation. The muse suddenly awoke Demanding a change of a stroke, And now it will […]

Little Jack Designer