Tip Sheets & Guides

Below are several helpful guides, overviews and tips on a variety of marketing topics. Feel free to download and share. 

  • Down and Dirty SEO (PDF)
    Search Engine Optimization is how our audiences finds our content, and if you develop your website and content with that goal in mind, you’ll have improved performance both on organic search results AND even on paid. Here are 8 basic steps to follow to get started with SEO.
  • Permission-based email (PDF)
    SPAM! OMG, we all say we hate getting it, but businesses LOVE sending it. They don’t even always KNOW they are. Worse than that, they don’t know the exposure and risk to the company overall. SPAM isn’t illegal, but that doesn’t mean you should send it. Learn about the real risks of buying leads.
  • Marketing Team in the Field (PDF)
    Sending your marketing team into the field is a great way to build experience, understand the customer needs, and learn how your products or services are used. It’s also a great way to build trust and communication amongst the team. Here’s a tip sheet on how to prepare and follow up to ensure the experiences are converted to outcomes!
  • Trade Show Leads Follow Up (PDF)
    Trade shows are exciting, fun, even draining, but don’t lose sight of the core purpose: lead generation and customer follow up. Download this quick overview of how to ensure you’re making the most of your trade show leads. 
  • ROI Basics (PDF)
    Do you know the R in ROI? What about the I? ROI is more than a button in a CRM. It requires valuations and costs, but it’s critical in understanding if your efforts are successful, meaning, do they meet the objectives you’re setting out?
  • Customer Lead Valuation (PDF)
    How much are you spending per lead? Per customer? Is it worth it? What is your LTVR? We spell it all out here in this easy to follow quick guide. 
  • Marketing to Educators (PDF)
    Understanding your audience is the core of marketing and sales. But every audience is different. Do you understand yours? If you’re marketing to educators, here’s a quick guide to reaching them. 
  • CM – Email Basics (PDF)
    Make an email, send it, decide if it’s successful. Fix what isn’t. But … do you know what an email includes? What the value of the open rate, click rate, and even delivery rate means, and why each one matters? Quick tip: The goal of an email is to get users to click out of it as quickly as possible. They are a vehicle only. Learn more in this overview.