Channeling Lewis Black

Lewis Black - Frustration

I find myself regularly enraged at the news, statements and stories that come out during this political season. You can’t help it, the two sides are so disparate that if you have anything you are passionate about you undoubtedly have those same knee-jerk, profanity-filled reactions to your monitor or television.

You wouldn’t know it from our business social media presence!

Marketing NoiseThose are getting lame, boring, lost in the sameness of conversions, content, insights and trends.


Yep, Twitter is no longer the news of the moment, it’s become the 24 hour cable news, with repeats of business stats and blurbs always cycling.

And it’s all about marketing. It’s not about how marketing plays a role in current events, it’s not about personality. There’s no substance!

It makes me want to scream. The dullness, the annoying hum in the background regurgitating a likely out-of-context, misinterpreted stat and turning it into a trend that becomes a focus in an industry.

Unrelenting Sameness

One size does not fit all, and cramming client needs into existing tactical solutions, with minor customizations, does not work. You need a strategist to cut through the noise, one who understands your needs, your goals, your objectives, and can show you how to get there!

ContactAre you looking for an advocate for your brand, an independent strategist who is not motivated by agency ROI at your expense? Do you need a guide to cut through the mind-numbing confusing redundancy of marketing jargon? I’m your gal!

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