Old Fashioned Writing

There is a certain satisfaction of taking pen to pad, but it requires having the right tools; that pen that fits your hand well, knowing it’s a direct extension of your brain and at times, depending on what you’re writing, your heart. The power of it, when you finally put it down on the paper, that first stroke as you add a bit of pressure and the ink begins to flow as the mind and the hand work together putting thoughts, ideas and imagination on what was previously lifeless, plain, ordinary paper, is incomparable.

Sure, there’s angry typing, but nothing says power like the boldness of words written with an angry stroke of a fountain pen, or the delicate almost imperceptible hint of ink when softness is required. No, typing is just a tool, just a means to an end. Writing is a process, and pens are such an integral part, bringing the merging of the senses together for creation. The power of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and of course, sense. The sense of writing.

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