Is Your Company a Wallflower?

You can’t please all of
the people all of the time.

Companies are always trying to walk the fine line of balanced approach, not expressing opinions that might offend clients or prospects.

This results in a lack of a voice, an image-less brand, an empty message.

If you have a mission statement, a corporate value list, embrace it and stand by it. Yes, you may lose clients or prospects, but chances are you’ll gain more.

If you want to express emotion, that’s easy.
If you want to evoke it, that’s something entirely more difficult.

The same goes for marketing. If you want to get a reaction, that’s easy, if you want to get a response, that’s a different beast.

Connecting with your customers is more than giving them a coupon or touting a value add. You actually have to CONNECT with them, and them with you.

By not taking a stand, by not expressing yourself, you risk being a wallflower.