Do You Have Enough Hours in the Day?

Find More Time in the DayEveryone laments how there just aren’t enough hours in a day and there’s just nothing you can do to change that.

Nope. Not true.

Tno longer waiting in lineshe advent of ATMs and EZPass have essentially given us time and flexibility.

No longer are we tied to bank hours to get our errands done. No longer are we sitting in traffic waiting as the lines of cars wind through the toll plazas to stop and pay.

These two DIGITAL solutions have given us the gifts of time and flexibility, and that is what digital solutions offer.

So when your clients tell you their customers aren’t digital, it’s not true, it’s merely a “perception” about the industry, not the actual customers.

  • Do you reach them on landlines or phones when you call?
  • Do you visit them each time or do you email them?
  • Do they use a till at check out?
  • Do they track their inventory?
  • Do they match back their daily, weekly, yearly sales to do year over year analysis?

Your clients are digital, it’s your job to sell them on how to use it, and to show them the gains through ROI of solution-based marketing.