10 Steps to Ensure You Will Not Hit Your Sales & Revenue Targets

A Page from the Feudal Lord Playbook

  1. Lewis Black - FrustrationSet a seemingly random Sales & Revenue target for the coming year.
  2. Do not provide context for the selection of the number.
  3. Require a strategy and plan from only one department.
  4. Do not have, or do not share, the full business plan with the leadership team.
  5. Do not finalize budgets until a month after the new fiscal year has started.
  6. When presenting final departmental budget notify your department heads that their budgets have been cut by 10% and you need them to accommodate an additional 15% of expenses.
  7. Demand that to be considered successful, your department heads must perform better than the goal, at a lower budget than approved.
  8. Don’t read the strategy provided by the single department you required it from.
  9. Do not share any overall plans or discussions across departments.
  10. Demand departments collaborate, but refuse to lead.