Sal is NOT a Marketer

“Sal is a Marketer. And all it took was Constant Contact.”


Sal is NOT a Marketer. 

The ad shows that he’s successful, has a loyal clientele, and is successful. But the ad doesn’t say Sal is a deli owner, the ad says Sal is a marketer. It says he’s a marketer BECAUSE he uses Constant Contact email marketing. Sal is not a marketer, Sal is a deli owner. Sal may use Constant Contact, an email marketing tool, but that does not make Sal a marketer.

Constant Contact is promoting itself to small businesses as well as it’s small business marketing services, which revolve almost entirely around email marketing. Email marketing is an important component of marketing, but it is one platform. It is a tool, not a solution.

  • I have a hammer, it does not make me a carpenter.
  • I have a car, it does not make me a race car driver.
  • I use lights, running water, and heat, but that does not make me an electrician, plumber, or HVAC expert.
  • I AM a marketer.

Constant Contact appears to be purposefully alienating one of it’s audiences, marketers, who are actually choosing and using email platforms within their overall marketing departments, by dismissing the entire field and devaluing the contribution of marketing expertise.

Yes, email marketing is important, but having a tool, even having a consultant, does not make the user an expert. Sal is not a marketer. Sal is a smart business owner who understands the need of marketing and apparently reached out to take advantage of a service offered to him because, in fact, he recognized he is NOT a marketer.

Constant Contact is not marketing, it’s a tool used in one aspect of marketing. Constant Contact should probably listen to their own marketing department.