Case Study: Who’s Your Banker

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Who’s Your Banker?

The Assignment:

New business pitch for one of the largest agencies in the country.

The Challenge: 

The client, a financial organization, was planning to enter new markets in a non-traditional way, offering digital opportunities only to two diverse test markets. They planned to lead with two key product offerings, and needed to meet benchmarks to determine success. They needed a digital marketing strategy.

The Approach:

Armed with the required outcomes, I undertook a review of the products, the data, and the audiences they currently target. I identified the different audience segments within the two distinct markets, and narrowed them based on their existing conversion rates, to fine tune the outcomes, and recommended roll out channels, and a 12-month plan to reach their different audiences.

The Work: 

Audience Research

  • Identified client’s traditional audiences both DMAs
  • Researched financial behavior online and offline
  • Identified micro-moments in customer journey
  • Recommended messaging and tactics
  • Reviewed competitor offerings, SWOT
  • Identified competitors for customer targeting
  • Developed specific geo-location and stepped messaging for competitor customers
  • Addressed current product challenges
  • Created segment budgets, channels
  • Recommendations for traditional and OOH opportunities

The Outcome: 

The agency made the cut!


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