Marketing Stra-te-gy

Marketing Stra-te-gy  

Nursery Rhymes: Queen of Hearts - Marketing StrategyThe marketing strategist
Wrote directions and plans
To reach the client’s goal.
        ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~
The creative designer
Then took those  plans
To capture the essence of soul.

        ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~
The seasoned copywriter
Worked off the concepts
Wrote words that made it all whole.

        ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~
The marketing strategist
Got them all back together
And to the client presented the gold.


Nursery Rhymes remind us of a time in our life when stories taught us basic lessons and helped us learn more conceptual ideas. Unlike the Victorian Cautionary Tales, Nursery Rhymes didn’t scare us, they guided us in nurturing ways to listen, learn and absorb. They were our first exposure to content marketing, using stories to teach, without pressure.Sometimes we need to remember the basics, and smile as we do so.

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