Customer Behavior

The Power of Words – YouTube. This is an incredible short video that really shows the power of a message, and confirms the power of words.

The Power of Words – YouTube

What is Quality? This concept is the premise of Robert Pirsig’s book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It is introduced in the book as one of […]

Are You Creating Quality?

“Well, I’ve never experienced that.” It is a powerful and dangerous little sentence, and one that is used rather frequently. Most often it is used as a dismissive, […]

How to Alientate Your Customers

Amazon now collecting sales tax
More and more states are requiring collect sales tax for those states in which they have a physical presence. While this has been an ongoing battle for […]

Will State Sales Tax Ruin

I had a client tell me that they don’t advertise, they don’t NEED to. Over 20 years of experience allowed me to smile on the inside, and not […]

Oh, We Don’t NEED to Advertise

There’s no doubt it has been a tough news week for reputations this week, from politics to wall street. But a consistent inconsistency has become obvious. In the […]

Honesty is Not a Strategy

Is your company struggling with social media? Do you even know if it is? Despite the overwhelming daily tips, articles, ideas and videos about how companies can do […]

Are You Being Anti-Social on Social Media?

If your email delivery rate is high and your open rate is low, your email subject line is to blame. How much time and thought did you put […]

Does Your Email Subject Line Suck?

Classical Mythology, Reality TV, and Marketing Three concepts that are not typically thought of together. Marketing and Reality TV definitely go hand and hand, but where does Classical […]

What Mythology and Reality TV bring to Marketing

How many times have we heard someone say, “Failure is not an option in this case?” It amuses me, at first. Every time I hear that my first […]

Is Failure Really Not an Option?

I read a blog recently that noted at a basic level, inbound marketing is unpaid, outbound marketing is paid. I understand that it was a high level statement, […]

Inbound vs Outbound marketing

I was recently talking to someone about marketing and the woman asked a very interesting and obvious question. “If you were the one managing and overseeing the inbound […]

Tracking Success with Inbound Marketing

This has been a fleetingly pensive week. Do you realize how difficult it is to actually stop for a moment and think? We drive and we talk to […]

Next Steps …

This is not a story about open rates or conversions. It is not a story about subject lines. This is a real life story of how marketing worked. […]

An Email Marketing Success Story

Does Your Company Stand for Something? Of course it does. You are likely saying you stand for value, customer service, quality, and integrity. Yep, and thousands, even millions […]

Does Your Company Stand for Something?

You heard the rally call to collect information about your customers. Through loyalty programs, purchase patterns, inventory and marketing efforts you have managed to gain volumes of data […]

You’ve Got Data

Esurance has launched a contest over social media. It didn’t require an app. It didn’t require extensive design and production. It isn’t even related to their core business. […]

Social Media Contests: Keep It Simple

How many times have you heard, or said, that radio doesn’t work for marketing? It seems to always be followed with “as far as we can tell”. Similarly […]

What are you tracking?

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Companies are always trying to walk the fine line of balanced approach, not expressing opinions that might […]

Is Your Company a Wallflower?