Laurissa Doonan

Generational Marketing
Marketing is about finding a way to connect to your audience to encourage them along the journey to converting. To do that you have to understand what motivate their choices.

Marketing to Generations

Don’t Let Data Intimidate You How many times have you read a marketing article, heard a talk, or saw a post about using data to increase your sales, […]

Datamining for Arts Majors

Down and Dirty SEO
Gone are the days of keyword and key phrase stuffing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is now, FINALLY, coming around to align with how users engage with content and […]

Down and Dirty SEO: 8 Steps

 Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered Is My Direct Mail Effective? The Assignment: While working for a marketing agency, a local specialized retail client came to us to help […]

Case Study: Direct Mail – Brick & Mortar Retail

Do catalogs still work - equestrian supplies
 Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered Do Catalogs still Work? The Assignment: PetsUnited was an 11-division ecommerce company that also sent out 4 catalogs a year. There were two […]

Case Study: Championing Catalogs – CPG

Leadership Lessons from Narcos Mexico
I recently binge-watched Narcos Mexico. I had heard it was good, but I chose to watch it for a trip down memory lane. Weird, right? You see, I […]

Lessons in Leadership: Narcos Mexico

Are you prepared for the cost, the toll of innovation? A well-respected expert, an artist, is hired to do a job. It’s not a job he’s ever done […]

Do You REALLY Want Innovation?

Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered The Printer Choice of Millennials The Assignment: Develop and implement a three-month digital media pilot in specific DMAs to reach the set lead targets […]

Case Study: Digital Media – Technology

Find your Audience
 Marketing Navigator: New Courses We’ve Chartered Who’s Your Banker? The Assignment: New business pitch for one of the largest agencies in the country. My involvement was in developing the […]

Case Study: Customer Journey – Financial

We like to believe that in work settings that our meetings, email threads, and discussions center around solving problems, but in reality, they center around getting things done. […]

Lead with Yes

How many times have you heard the new marketing (or sales, finance, manufacturing, erp, etc) tool will make you more effective, productive, and save money? What they don’t […]

Tools vs Solutions

Does Language Define our Thoughts? For as long as most of us can remember, there has been been the question about language and thought. Does our language define […]

Words, Language Matter

You can’t delegate communications Why do some companies (most) continue to struggle with communication issues? Jargon? Vocabulary differences? Semantics? Ego? Assumptions? Use of short hand in communicating? Perspective? […]

You can’t delegate communications

Ugh, Amazon is back in the news. Now we’re all hearing the repeated loop of rhetoric about how Amazon is destroying the economy, killing retail, and getting a […]

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