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Of course you know the P’s of marketing (ordered for the 4P’s, 5P’s and 7P’s): Product Price Place Promotion People Packaging Positioning

The P’s of Marketing

The time is coming to an end, the election is almost here. And we all know what that means. Yep, marketers, advertisers and creative folks will be on […]

Is it Real or is it Rote?

There’s no question that content marketing is the hot trend these days, with marketers and news companies talking about how we have to start focusing more on story […]

5 Reasons You Avoid Content Marketing

We can all think back to great jingles, taglines, commercials, and wonder what happened. Where did the talent go? Some of us remember the “It’s Morning in America […]

The Lost Art of Advertising and Marketing

Mary Had a Widget to Sell Mary had a widget to sell Who’s features were beyond compare And everywhere the widget sold The customers were happy to share. […]

Mary Had a Widget to Sell

I was recently talking to a friend about content marketing (yes, ok, fine, I’m a marketing geek, but them I thought that was already established) and he asked […]

The Best Content Marketing Story Ad Ever

Little Jack Designer Little Jack designer Sat in a recliner, Pondering his latest creation. The muse suddenly awoke Demanding a change of a stroke, And now it will […]

Little Jack Designer

Of course you follow your competition, watching how they grow, they’re marketing efforts, their product offerings. But do you track what others say about them? What is the […]

When Gossip and Chatter are Helpful