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Does Your Company Stand for Something? Of course it does. You are likely saying you stand for value, customer service, quality, and integrity. Yep, and thousands, even millions […]

Does Your Company Stand for Something?

Do companies really believe there is a skills gap? Or is it just a skills gap at their price point? #outoftouch

You heard the rally call to collect information about your customers. Through loyalty programs, purchase patterns, inventory and marketing efforts you have managed to gain volumes of data […]

You’ve Got Data

Esurance has launched a contest over social media. It didn’t require an app. It didn’t require extensive design and production. It isn’t even related to their core business. […]

Social Media Contests: Keep It Simple

How many times have you heard, or said, that radio doesn’t work for marketing? It seems to always be followed with “as far as we can tell”. Similarly […]

What are you tracking?

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Companies are always trying to walk the fine line of balanced approach, not expressing opinions that might […]

Is Your Company a Wallflower?

Marketers everywhere are touting the rise of mobile marketing, and it’s drowning out the other channels. The truth is, other channels are still getting the budget increases, including […]

Mobile Schmobile

Many years ago, before her Las Vegas stint, I went to a Bette Midler concert for the first time. Having been a fan of her comedy and true […]

No Guts, No Glory

What is the proper length for a blog? I hear this a lot. It’s a good question. The answer of course, varies. Many people are blogging now. It’s […]

How Long Should My Blog Be?