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Every self-respecting marketer knows that ideally, strategy comes before tactics. The confusion over this isn’t really about which comes first … the confusion stems from innocent ignorance, over […]

Strategy vs. Tactics

(Originally posted October 2011, contributing blogger) The digital world is evolving at a rapid pace, and as many businesses are jumping right into setting up a Facebook page […]

Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy

(originally posted March 2012, contributing blogger) Quick Response codes, more commonly known as QR codes, were first developed by the automobile industry to help track and identify parts. […]

Can Mobile Visual Search and QR Codes Coexist?

(originally posted March 2012) Over the past few decades, we have witnessed incredible advances in healthcare, medicine, and wellbeing. Combined with the longstanding trend of a growing US […]

Marketing to Seniors, not to Old People

(originally published June 2012) It was recently announced that Facebook is considering methods to allow kids under 13 to set up profiles on their site. As most people […]

Why Now, Facebook?